Born in a musical family from India, her affinity for music was embedded in her from the beginning. Mihika took this inclination and became a musician. Besides performances, she was more interested in how music affects human life. She started to study the correlation of music with life experiences and challenges in the business realm. Having had a booming travel business before the start of Covid, the fall of her small business took her unexpectedly. She shifted her focus solely on her music as a way to cope and through sheer happenstance, Mihika discovered that her music became therapy, helping her overcome the unforeseen. Sound, music, and vibrations healed her burdens.

She obtained certification in music therapy from India. Wanting to heal others, Mihika began her practice as a Vibrational Sound therapy practitioner, thus “7 Vibrations” was born. She now uses her knowledge and passion for music to heal those that struggle with physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

Mihika’s clients are extremely pleased and have benefited immensely after experiencing the sessions. Healing ailments with sound frequencies and helping clients with balancing chakras is her ultimate goal.

Currently Mihika resides in the RTP area. She has been administering in-person therapy sessions for individuals and groups, but also provides on-line services for anyone that may not be possible in person interactions just yet.