What is meditation?

Meditation has been derived from the Latin word “Meditatio”, meaning “align to the center.” Meditation is perfect for strengthening the body, mind and soul restoring balance upon each.

The meditative state is neurologically measurable as a change in brain waves. The heartbeat slows, breathing deepenes, and muscle tension is reduced.

How does music help in meditation?

Relaxing music contains quiet sounds in the background – mostly nature sounds such as flowing water – as a relaxing retreat effect.

Meditation music is more than pure relaxation music which primarily wants to loosen tension and create a relaxed state of body, mind and soul. Meditation music contains relaxing music for passive meditation, but also covers a dynamic genre of drum or other lively music which supports active meditation!

The 9 Solfeggio Frequencies with their vibration (hz) and effect

  • 174 hz – reduces physical pain, connects with earth
  • 285 hz – strengthens visual imagination and energy fields
  • 396 hz – liberation from guilt and fear Root chakra
  • 417 hz – resonance with the universe, changes, breakaway from trauma – Sacral
  • 528 hz – miracles & signs, self esteem – Solar plex chakra
  • 639 hz – harmonious relations with our neighbors and partners, love – Heart chakra
  • 741 hz – Awakening Intuition of own – Throat chakra
  • 852 hz – the return to spiritual order – Third eye
  • 963 hz – activates the pineal gland – Crown