Sound & Music Wellness Retreat


January 14th – 22nd, 2024 (Taj Mahal add on Jan. 22nd-24th)

This Trip is a Once-in-a-Lifetime 9-12 DAY Journey into Classical Indian Music featuring Experts in Ragas, Mantras, Indian Instruments and more! Each day will include yoga, meditation & Indian Classical music classes. The music classes will allow for learning and experiencing with amazing Indian artists and will include a special concert with local musicians. Featuring renowned Indian Classical Music artists listed below.

  • After arriving at Mumbai airport, we will be staying at a beautiful wellness resort in Pune with lush gardens, spa treatments and comfortable rooms called the Fazlani Natures Nest Wellness Resort.
  • The last 3 days we will fly up to Delhi from Mumbai and visit the famous Taj Mahal temple in addition to the other sightseeing tours around Agra Fort and Delhi (Optional trip add-on)
  • Bliss Tours will provide support before, during and after the trip for preparation, participation and integration with a group Zoom session before and after the trip and moments of pause and reflection during the experience.

What’s included: 

  • 8 days/7 nights of accommodations at a luxury resort property in PUNE
  • All meals from time of arrival to time of departure (free day meals covered at resort)
  • All sightseeing, attractions
  • All retreat and special activities including cave meditation, temple visits, henna & dance excursions.
  • Fees for yoga, pranayam and music teachers
  • Local Transportation
  • Friendly Tour leaders 
  • Preparation, participation & Integration with zoom calls, musical tips, practice and more.
  • 3 days/2 night excursion to Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Delhi as option add-on


  • Sanika Kulkarni is an upcoming young talented classical vocalist. She represents the third generation of her family in music. The trainings under Vidushi Veena Sahasrabudhe have led her to learn the fine techniques and nuances of Gwalior gayaki – swar lagaav, presentation of bandishis, raag vistaar, meend, gamak, expression of raag etc. She has also learned the intricate taraana’s specially in taal ada chautaal and various bhajan’s from Veena tai. Her dedication, passion and riyaaz gives her command over her voice and hence can display all the aspects a fine vocalist should have.
  • Vikas Kashalkar Explore the art of Indian classical music from the world-famous artist Dr Vikas Kashalkar. He has to his credit several articles on music. His lectures and workshops are fruitful to upcoming artists. He has delivered speeches at various seminars and workshops all over India. Several students are seeking his guidance for higher studies in Music. (Vikas Website)
  • Milind Tulankar is an eminent player of the Jal Tarang, a unique instrument consisting of China clay bowls of descending sizes filled with water and spread out in a semi-circle. Each set contains 15 bowls of different sizes. The player sits in the center with chopstick-like Wellness and Musical Retreat strikers, usually made from neem tree stems. The bowls are tuned to the notes of the raga by adjusting the amount of water. (
  • Mihika Paranjpe owns a tour company Bliss Tours (  since 2007 in the United States. Bliss Tours offer a variety of cultural and retreat groups tours in India. Born and raised in a musical family from India, Mihika became a musician and performer. Music has helped her face many challenges in her travel business as well as in personal life. She is fascinated by the effects of music and sound frequencies on physical, mental, and emotional health. The correlation between the chakras and musical notes became her prime interest. As a licensed vibrational sound therapy practitioner, she also uses her Indian classical music knowledge along with Himalayan therapeutic singing bowls in the Relaxation therapy practice ( Her passion for tourism and Indian music has led towards the Music and wellness retreat.

What’s not included: 

  • Airfare
  • Expenses incurred by guests (phone calls, laundry, etc.)
  • Trip Health Insurance (highly recommended)
  • Additional sightseeing outside of itinerary
  • Private classes with musicians.
  • Spa Treatments at the resort

SINGLE ACCOMMODATIONS:  Call for pricing & special deals

SHARED ACCOMMODATIONS: Call for pricing & special deals

Optional 3-day/2 night extension to Dehli to see the Taj Mahal: available at very reasonable rates

*Mumbai – Delhi airfare not included

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